Graduate Fields of Study

Master-level Learning Outcomes

Stated below are learning outcomes that represent what Stevenson University believes all graduate students should know, be able to do, and value upon completion of their master’s degree. These outcomes are consistent with the mission of GPS to help students graduate with the competence and confidence needed to address creatively the opportunities and challenges facing them, their careers, organizations, and communities. The Master-level Learning Outcomes serve as a benchmark to ensure consistent rigor and expectation for all master’s degree students.
Graduates of Stevenson University master’s degree programs are . . .
A.   Competent Professionals
         1.   Elucidate the major theoretical underpinnings of the discipline
         2.   Articulate current and future trends in the field of study
         3.   Apply advanced discipline knowledge to practical workplace challenges
         4.   Communicate fluently across various perspectives and modalities with technological proficiency

B.   Creative Leaders
         1.   Articulate challenges and opportunities
         2.   Analyze alternative perspectives and patterns
         3.   Synthesize multiple sources of evidence
         4.   Collaborate to advance a shared goal
         5.   Adapt to multiple cultural contexts and environmental uncertainties

C.   Confident Citizens
         1.   Examine relevant ethical perspectives
         2.   Practice personal and professional awareness and accountability
         3.   Reflect on their role within a global community