General Admissions Information

The University offers bachelor’s degrees in the following 31 disciplines: accounting, biochemistry; biology; biomedical engineering; business administration; business communication; chemistry; communication studies; computer information systems; counseling & human services; criminal justice; cybersecurity and digital forensics; early childhood education: liberal arts and technology; elementary education: liberal arts and technology; English language and literature; environmental science; fashion design; fashion merchandising; film and moving image; graphic design; history; interdisciplinary studies; legal studies; marketing; mathematics; medical laboratory science; middle school education: liberal arts and technology (with a concentration in English/Language Arts and Social Studies or Mathematics and Science); nursing; psychology; and theatre and media performance.

Admission to Stevenson University is reserved for applicants who have demonstrated the ability to meet the demands of college-level instruction. The Admissions Committee also examines evidence of a student’s potential for achievement within the academic program elected. Students are selected on the basis of educational preparation, intellectual promise, and personal character.

Students who enroll for course work at Stevenson University are classified as either degree students or non-degree students.

A degree student is a student who is seeking a degree from Stevenson University and has been accepted by the Admissions Office as an undergraduate. An undergraduate student may enroll for course work (full-time or part-time) for each consecutive semester as long as they remains in good academic standing at the University. The normal full-time undergraduate course load is 15 to 17 credit hours per semester. Any undergraduate student who is carrying 12 or more credit hours is classified as a full-time student; less than 12 credits constitutes a part-time load.

Non-degree students are those not currently seeking a degree from Stevenson University. Non-degree students are limited to part-time status and are not eligible for financial aid. They must take fewer than 12 credits in a semester. While enrolled, non-degree students must meet the same academic standards for continued enrollment as degree students.

All students admitted as full-time undergraduate students, and all students (full-time or part-time) who intend to major in nursing or medical laboratory science are required to complete a Student Health Profile. The form must be returned by July 1 for fall entrance and December 15 for spring entrance. In addition, in accordance with Maryland state law, all students planning to live in Stevenson University student housing must provide proof of receipt of meningococcal vaccination or waiver prior to their taking up residence in the student housing facility.