Graduation Information

To qualify for graduation, students must meet all University and program requirements as stated in the University catalog. Students must fulfill catalog requirements in effect at the time of matriculation or students may elect to move to a later catalog year. Students may not split requirements from multiple catalog years. It is the responsibility of the student to fulfill all requirements for graduation. Careful consultation with an academic advisor is strongly encouraged.

Degrees are conferred in May, August, or December. Students who complete degree requirements in a Winterim term will be a May graduate. Participation in a commencement ceremony does not confer a degree. Diplomas and final transcripts may be withheld for any graduate with unresolved financial obligations or non-compliance with federal financial aid regulations.

The academic record of anyone receiving a degree is closed three months after the end of the semester. Any changes to the academic record must be made by this date.

Diploma Information

Diplomas are mailed to the address listed on the application for graduation. They are sent via standard U.S. mail the month following graduation. Diplomas are sent after all final grades have been received and degree requirements are confirmed complete. Diplomas include the graduate’s name, degree, major, and academic honors, if earned. The date listed on the diploma reflects the end of the semester when the degree is officially considered complete rather than the commencement date.

The official academic transcript, not the diploma, is considered the certifying document to verify a degree. Graduates will be issued one diploma. Additional copies will not be provided, however, a replacement diploma may be requested by alumni. Replacement diplomas may be requested due to the name change from Villa Julie College to Stevenson University, due to an official personal name change, or due to a lost or damaged diploma. The replacement diploma may only be requested in writing by the graduate using the request form located on the Stevenson University website. The fee for a replacement diploma is $30.

Graduation Application

Graduating students are required to submit an Application for Graduation to the Registrar's Office according to published deadlines. At the time of application, a $25 fee is charged.

  • December graduates must submit by August 1.
  • May and August graduates must submit by January 1.

Failure to apply by the published deadlines may delay the evaluation and awarding of a student's degree. Students may apply online via WebXpress.

Graduation Ceremonies

Scheduled commencement ceremonies are held in May. Summer graduates should be within two courses of degree completion prior to the start of the summer term to be eligible to participate in the May commencement. Students may only participate in one ceremony unless they are earning an additional degree. Only bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree candidates may participate in commencement exercises. Certificate program completion does not qualify a student for commencement participation. Only a graduate with mobility issues may have someone accompany them across the stage. 

Graduation with Academic Honors

Academic honors are conferred upon those undergraduate students who achieve the following cumulative grade point average based on work done at Stevenson University. These honors will be listed on the diploma and the official academic transcript. This may differ from the academic honors announced during the commencement ceremony, which are based on the cumulative GPA prior to the final semester. A student's GPA is not rounded in the determination of graduation honors.


Summa Cum Laude 3.900–4.000
Magna Cum Laude 3.700–3.899
Cum Laude 3.500–3.699

Honors are not awarded for graduate degrees.