Courses at Another Institution

Baltimore Student Exchange Program

Stevenson University students have the opportunity to participate in the Baltimore Student Exchange Program (BSEP), which generally allows them to enroll at other local colleges and universities without incurring additional tuition charges, though some fees may apply. The course credits and grades will be calculated into the student’s GPA as if the courses were taken at Stevenson. Students must be full-time at Stevenson and can take no more than two courses per year at another participating institution on a "space available" basis. The limit on courses does not apply to those students who are taking ROTC courses at Johns Hopkins. Students who participate in the BSEP must comply with all deadlines and other regulations at the visiting institutions. The Baltimore Student Exchange Program Registration Form is available through the Student Menu in WebXpress under the Forms link. Registration for BSEP courses typically occurs just prior to the start of a given semester.  

Students will find a complete list of other colleges and universities participating in this program at BSEP

Other Institutions

After degree-seeking students have matriculated at Stevenson University, transfer of courses from other institutions requires advance approval on the "Request to Take Courses at Another Institution" form that is available through the Student Menu in WebXpress under the Forms link. Even though the course may be on the "Approved Off-Campus Course List", the request form must still be completed by the student.

Approval of these requests is based on clear evidence that such courses are comparable to the Stevenson University courses. Courses included on the Approved Off-Campus Course List located on the Registrar's Office portal page have already received thorough vetting by the appropriate academic program administrator. Approval of courses not appearing on the list is made by the academic program administrator of the department offering the course. Students are strongly advised to consult with their advisors prior to seeking permission to take a course at another institution to determine how the course applies to their degree audit. Credit may not be given for courses that are taken at another institution when the student has not gone through the course approval process 

The following guidelines apply:

  1. Students may take no more than 3 courses at another institution once they have begun attendance at Stevenson. Lecture/laboratory courses count as one course.
  2. Courses may not be taken elsewhere during fall and spring semesters if they are being offered at Stevenson.
  3. All major requirements must be taken at Stevenson University. When a major requirement also fulfills a SEE requirement, it may be taken outside of Stevenson only upon the approval of the academic administrator of the student's major.
  4. Because the curriculum is based on a special commitment to writing, all writing instruction and writing-intensive courses must be taken at Stevenson University.
  5. Baltimore Student Exchange courses and Study Abroad courses are not considered a part of the 3-course limit.