General Admissions Policy

Admission to Stevenson is reserved for applicants who have demonstrated the ability to meet the demands of Stevenson University Online's level of instruction. Students who enroll in course work at Stevenson University are classified as either degree seeking students or non-degree seeking students.

A degree-seeking student has been accepted by the Admissions Office in pursuit of a bachelor's or master's degree, or post-baccalaureate certificate. A degree or certificate seeking student may enroll for course work for each consecutive semester as long as they remain in good academic standing in the program. A full-time load for an undergraduate student is 12 credits or more; a full-time load for a graduate student is 6 credits or more.

Students who are not currently seeking a degree from Stevenson University are limited to part-time status, and financial aid is not available to them. While enrolled, non-degree seeking students must meet the same academic standards for continued enrollment as degree students.