Residence Life

Living on campus opens students to all the experiences Stevenson University has to offer. Beyond the rigorous academic curriculum and career preparation programs, Stevenson has created a warm, welcoming environment for students to develop through personal interaction and a variety of campus programs.  To that end, the Office of Residence Life and Housing staff empowers students to become engaged community members who act with dignity and honesty and pursue a lifelong commitment to learning and excellence.

The Residential Curriculum provides an intentional framework to educate students outside of the classroom; the curriculum is utilized as a way to unite and educate residents. The Residence Life and Housing professional staff identified key needs of Stevenson’s resident population and designed this curriculum to address those needs, as well as connect students to the four core Stevenson values. Additionally, the curriculum is a way to streamline involvement and efforts within the halls as well as improving resident connections within the halls and the greater campus community.
Stevenson’s residence halls are located on the Owings Mills campus, a short walk from North and just 6.5 miles from the Greenspring campus. Shuttle service is provided to and from both the Owings Mills North and Greenspring campus daily. In addition, the halls are located within walking distance of retail shops and services. Students who wish to apply for housing must be enrolled as a full-time Stevenson University student and must adhere to any and all policies and procedures regarding campus living and student behavioral expectations. Housing is not guaranteed, but is offered based on availability. Returning residential students have priority in securing housing for the next year.  A student’s residency and student behavioral history will be taken into account when determining their campus residency eligibility. The University reserves the right to determine each student’s final residential assignment.

Full-time resident directors and student resident assistants live and work in the residential complex and help foster a community atmosphere, promote positive student behavior, provide educational opportunities and assist students with daily living issues and concerns.  Residence Life and Housing staff members work with Stevenson University Campus Security and Wellness Center staff members to assist students in emergency situations.  All residential students and their guests are expected to be familiar with any and all Residence and Housing Life policies and procedures.  Additional information regarding campus residential living is available through the Residence Life and Housing website or by contacting the Office of Residence Life and Housing in the Ratcliffe Community Center.

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