Honors Program

Program Director: Rivka Glaser, Ph.D.


The Stevenson Honors Program invites the University’s most academically talented students into an exciting, four-year honors experience.  Honors students—across disciplines—develop a strong network of mutually outstanding and motivated peers, experiencing Stevenson together while building lifelong bonds through this living-learning community.

The engaging honors experience includes a thematic, project-based curriculum; workshops and master classes taught by thought leaders in academia and industry; purposeful collaborations among student scholar peers and honors faculty; and specially-designed faculty-led honors program trips. In concert with the University’s well-respected career preparation program, the Honors Program offers professional preparation and career connections tailored to the specific goals and aspirations of honors students.


Upon completion of the Honors Program students will be able to:

  1. Apply their knowledge and experience to situations that require independent, creative, and analytical thinking.
  2. Analyze varying perspectives while collaborating with others.
  3. Apply different methodologies and approaches to collaborative problem solving.
  4. Demonstrate academic excellence.

Program Requirements

For specific requirements for the Honors Program, please contact the program director. Additional information can also be found at Honors Program.

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