Service Scholars

Program Director: Kim Tucker, Ph.D.


Stevenson University’s Service Scholars is a comprehensive initiative that offers participants the opportunity to extend their civic engagement in the community, reflect upon possibilities for personal and social change, as well as develop the necessary skills to succeed in the classroom and, eventually, in the workforce. 

Throughout students’ four years, the Service Scholars Program provides opportunities that encourage personal and intellectual growth, enhance the Stevenson education, and provide the preparation needed to be a successful citizen in the global community.


Upon completion of the Service Scholars Program, students will be able to:

  1. Identify and apply service theories and practices.
  2. Create meaning from experience through guided reflection.
  3. Engage with the local community as a means to explore leadership and civic responsibility.
  4. Develop an understanding and appreciation of societal factors influencing community settings.
  5. Integrate personal growth and skills with career planning.
  6. Pursue tangible leadership and service experience on- and off-campus.
  7. Gain experience for internships, interviews, and post-graduation professional opportunities or further study.

Program Requirements

For specific requirements for the Service Scholars program, please contact the program directors. Additional information can also be found at Service Scholars.

Course Descriptions

See Service Learning Courses

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