PE - Physical Education

Physical education courses are not required for a student to fulfill the Stevenson Educational Experience curriculum; however, we believe that these courses are invaluable in assisting students to create lifetime habits of physical fitness. Although students may participate in more than one physical education course, only one credit from PE may be counted in a student’s total credit count. PE courses are pass/fail. There is no major in physical education. All physical education course offerings are listed below.

PE 101 Aerobics
PE 102 Jogging
PE 105 Body Conditioning and Fitness
PE 106 Golf
PE 107 Circuit Training
PE 108 Fencing
PE 109 Racquetball
PE 111 Yoga
PE 112 Volleyball
PE 114 Tennis
PE 115 Badminton
PE 117 Cooperative Learning/Implementing Adventure Activities
PE 119 Walking for Fitness
PE 121 Physical Activities for Kindergarten - 9th Grade students
PE 123 Coaching Sports
PE 125 Recreational Ice Skating
PE 132 Self-defense
PE 138 Skiing

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