CHEM 432 Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics

Focuses on states of matter, the laws of thermodynamics, thermodynamic energies, phase changes, chemical equilibrium, the kinetic theory of gases, and chemical kinetics. A conceptual and mathematical understanding of these concepts is developed throughout the course.


3 credits


A grade of C or better in class='sc-courselink' href='/en/2020-2021/Undergraduate-Catalog/Courses/CHEM-Chemistry/100/CHEM-116'>CHEM 116 and class='sc-courselink' href='/en/2020-2021/Undergraduate-Catalog/Courses/CHEM-Chemistry/100/CHEM-116L'>CHEM 116L, class='sc-courselink' href='/en/2020-2021/Undergraduate-Catalog/Courses/PHYS-Physics/200/PHYS-211'>PHYS 211 or PHYS 216 and MATH 220


as needed

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