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Stevenson University offers the Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) in conjunction with The Johns Hopkins University's Blue Jay Battalion. The JHU Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) was among the first to be established by Congress in 1916 and is routinely ranked at the top of the nation's 273 programs. More than 3,000 Cadets have received Army officer commissions through the program, with over 40 attaining the rank of general officer. Cadets can enter the program with as little as two years remaining as an undergraduate or may complete the requirements while pursuing a graduate degree. Upon graduation, Cadets are commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army. ROTC classes are open to only cadets. For more information, ask a current cadet or call  410-516-7474. Additional information can be obtained by  visiting the JHU ROTC website (

Scholarship and Financial Assistance 

Army ROTC offers four, three, and two-year scholarships that pay full tuition (or room and board), $1,200 for books and a $420 monthly stipend.  Additional incentives include a monthly language stipend ($100 - 250), a study abroad program, special incentives for nurses, and postgraduate programs for medical and law degrees. Scholarship opportunities are regularly improved, and incentives are added. Applications for scholarships by qualified Cadets are awarded throughout the semester. A non-scholarship program is also available. For health professions and nursing Cadets, ROTC can offer numerous opportunities to achieve specialized education and additional postgraduate scholarships.


The curriculum normally consists of two-year Basic Course (freshmen/sophomores) and a two-year Advanced Course (juniors/seniors). Some modification to this curriculum is common, as with graduate or transfer  cadets. Completing the 30-day Basic Camp at Fort Knox, Kentucky is equivalent to completing the Basic Course. High school Junior ROTC experience, prior military service, and military academy attendance may also qualify for Basic Course completion. All Advanced Course Cadets are cadets and have a contractual agreement with the Army. These Cadets attend Advanced Camp at Fort Knox, KY between their junior and senior level courses. This is a core requirement to commission in the Army.

Course Descriptions

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