THEA 318 Internship

Includes planning and participation in an internship coordinated by a faculty director. The internship consists of 120 hours in an off-campus professional environment (business, government agency, non-profit organization, etc.) where the student receives practical, career-oriented experience under an on-site supervisor. Placement of the student is arranged by the University. The student may begin the internship before the end of the semester in which THEA 318 is taken, which meets weekly for one hour; however, the internship must be completed before the end of the spring semester-when THEA 318 is taken in the fall or by the end of the summer and the start of the next academic year-when THEA 318 is taken in the spring. At the conclusion of the experience, the student and the on-site supervisor evaluate the experience.


3 credits


A grade of C or better in THEA 121, THEA 202, THEA 204, and THEA 210


Fall and Spring

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