SEE: The Stevenson Educational Experience

The Stevenson Educational Experience (SEE) is academically grounded in the liberal arts and sciences while at the same time integrating experiential scholarship, ethical reasoning, and career readiness, thereby preparing graduates for learning and for living. Regardless of the student’s major area of study, SEE emphasizes both intellectual and practical skills, using inquiry-based methods to promote critical and creative thinking into matters ranging from personal to social to national to global. By requiring firsthand experience, SEE assures that graduates will be prepared to synthesize what they have learned and apply it in solving the complex challenges they will face in life. By setting a standard for ethical reasoning, SEE helps students develop patterns of applying those principles personally, academically, and professionally so as to demonstrate their integrity. At its essence, SEE offers students the opportunity to explore diverse perspectives, acquire expertise in an academic discipline, and develop the professional and personal skills necessary for life beyond college.

See it.     Do it.     Live it.