The Stevenson Approach

Imagine Your Future. Design Your Career.®

Students at Stevenson University do not simply come to campus and attend classes. The hallmark of a Stevenson education takes students outside of stereotypical academic situations to allow them to learn about themselves and how their actions affect others. Visitors to the campus witness this sense of community in the classroom, at varied cultural events, or within the simple social settings of university life. Away from the physical campus, employers see the difference when they hire Stevenson graduates, and area organizations reap the benefits when students share their talents as volunteers. Stevenson University promotes living and learning by combining challenging academic courses with an invitation to explore the world outside the classroom.

Throughout their university careers, Stevenson students take part in an introspective process called Career Architecture SM . This award-winning approach seeks to align personal values with professional ambitions. Students then have the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge to work situations through a number of internships with local companies. Finally, service projects allow students to give back to the community, and study abroad programs take Stevenson ideals into the larger world.

Stevenson University combines a traditional liberal arts education with a career focus in an environment supporting a variety of student services and extracurricular opportunities. By providing motivated students with personal attention and opportunities to take on leadership roles in a variety of activities, the University strives to create lifelong learners. Students have opportunities to learn in the classroom and laboratory, on the stage, and in the community. By learning beyond the classroom, Stevenson University students transform the people they meet and the places they visit.