Forensic Investigation

Certificate Requirements

Certificate Description

Stevenson University Online's Forensic Investigation Post-Baccalaureate Certificate prepares students and law enforcement professionals to effectively conduct interviews and collect physical evidence for the purpose of synthesizing the results into factually accurate and objective reports and court testimony. Our certificate program equips students with the skills to analyze and evaluate documentary and testimonial evidence vital to criminal investigations and trials. Coursework can be completed entirely online for this 18-credit hour program. Information on admissions requirements can be found at Post-Baccalaureate Certificates Admissions Requirements.

Certificate Outcomes

Upon completion of the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Forensic Investigation, recipients will be able to:

  1. Evaluate the merits of an allegation and prepare an investigative plan, if warranted.
  2. Conduct effective interviews and interrogations.
  3. Evaluate documentary and testimonial evidence.
  4. Synthesize analyses of facts and law into coherent, defensible conclusions.

Certificate Policies

The grade of "C" is the lowest acceptable grade, and only one can be awarded during the program. A student may repeat one course in a post-baccalaureate certificate one time. Once a student has repeated a course, the student will not be permitted to repeat any other courses. If a student repeats a course, only the latter grade is used in computing the grade point average. However, all courses taken become a part of the student's academic record. Further, a student may withdraw from each graduate course one time only. A minimum cumulative 3.00 grade point average on all graduate work attempted is required for completion of the certificate. Only one grade of "C" may be applied toward the GPA requirement. Certificate requirements must be completed within seven years after the first course applied to the degree was completed.

Required Courses

Students must be able to complete the following 18 credits:

FSCOR 601Foundations of Justice

3 credits

FSINV 600Investigative Techniques/Interviewing

3 credits

FSINV 605Investigative Techniques/Physical Evidence

3 credits

FSLAW 662Fraud Investigation and Analysis

3 credits

FSLAW 668White Collar Crimes

3 credits

FSLAW 602 OR FSAAC 620FSLAW 602 Criminology OR FSAAC 620 Forensic Information Technology

3 credits

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