Transfer of Undergraduate Credit

Transfer of Undergraduate Credit Policy

A student desiring to transfer from another college and be admitted to a degree program at Stevenson University must submit official transcripts of all previous college records. The courses and credits completed with a grade of "C" or better at regionally-accredited institutions are transferable to Stevenson.

Stevenson University will accept a maximum of 70 credits from 2-year institutions. No more than 90 credits can be applied to degree requirements from a combination of 2-year institutions, 4-year institutions and non-direct classroom instruction (including CLEP, AP, and other nationally recognized standardized examination scores). A matriculated student must complete the last 30 credits of their degree at Stevenson University. The transferability of credits from an institution that is not accredited by a regional accreditation agency may be considered if the student provides documentation that demonstrates equivalency regarding course information, equivalencies, and learning outcomes. All transferable courses must be comparable to courses offered at SU. Classes that do not transfer include developmental/remedial, personal development, and orientation courses. Regardless of the number of transfer credits accepted, students must still complete the academic program requirements as shown in the Catalog.

For information about transferring credits from a non-United States academic institution, please refer to the International Students page.

Transfer of Undergraduate Credit Process

  • Admitted students who have earned college credit in the United States and submitted official transcripts from all previous institutions, will have their transfer credit evaluation completed within 7-10 business days following acceptance.
  • Students will be notified that the evaluation is completed by the Stevenson University Online Admissions Office via email, and will receive a copy of the evaluation upon meeting with their Student Success Coach.
  • If a student has credit from overseas institutions and has submitted WES documentation of this coursework, this process is dependent on the receipt of the WES evaluation by the Academic Evaluator.
  • Please note that a student’s evaluation is preliminary and ongoing. It is the applicant’s/student’s responsibility to submit additional official transcripts as external coursework is completed.
  • An appointment will be set up with the Student Success Coach, who will review the degree audit and transcript evaluation

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